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About Us

Who are we?

Established nearly forty years ago, Exceed Services is a firm dedicated to the detail preservation of the furnishings throughout our clients’ facilities.

What do we do?

We strategically focus on the deep detail preventive care of wood, leather, and fabric furnishings along with artwork and other specialty items throughout a diverse range of facilities.

Why it matters:

  • Wood and leather are organic items that are very perishable if not properly cared for and maintained.
  • Fabric is the workhorse of any facility and, if neglected, will deteriorate quickly and significantly due to the abuse it receives from the amount of use it goes through.
  • Artwork, such as sculptures, accumulate large amounts of dust if they are not detail cleaned on a regular basis.

Exceeding Expectations

Our OnSite experts fulfill the promises we make. Our determination to exceed expectations is the trusted foundation that our clients have come to rely on to be good stewards of their furnishings year after year. We’ve been serving many of them for decades.

  • Some of our clients have included: Voya, Banker’s Trust, Iowa Banker’s Association, City of West Des Moines, and many more!

Our goals in serving our clients:

  • Help provide healthy facilities for their employees, patrons, and vendors.
  • Maintain a clean and beautiful image and reputation.
  • Increase significantly the useful life span of their furnishings.
  • Supply our clients with an accurate inventory of the items throughout their facilities.
  • Provide services that promote responsible and sustainable environmental practices.
  • Relieve stress on the facility managers and owners of the properties we serve!

Our Leadership’s Principles

The leadership of Exceed Services desires to honor God and our staff as our first priority—so that our clients will receive the most return on their investment in their furnishings and our services. Thank you for your consideration. We pledge to uphold the promises we are offering you. It would truly be an honor for us to have the opportunity to Exceed Your Expectations!



of our clientele have worked with us for multiple consecutive years



of our clientele have been using our services for more than 10 years


of the Central Iowa clientele have been with us since the 1980s and early 1990s


Gabriel Carnes
Operations Director


Joe Abdo
Founder & Executive Director